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Supply and installation of Building Management Systems

Supply of Control Panels and Control Systems

Maintenance and Support for your Controls Installation

Controls Integration to help you manage your Installation

About Us…

Since 1990 Manx Control Systems has been involved in numerous projects working with mechanical and electrical contractors, corporate clients and government departments.

We have diverse knowledge of control systems, control panels, control peripherals and have a network of business partners to enable us to deliver a quality solution to any Controls application.

We are a technical member of the Electrical Contractors Association (ITEC), a System Integrator for Trend Control Systems and a member of the Isle of Man Employers Federation.

We specialise in the following:-

Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Building Management Systems (BMS) and Environmental Control Systems.

Retrofitting of new intelligent control systems within existing buildings and existing control systems.

Maintenance of Building Control Systems to  ensure maximum efficiency and support when it is needed.

Installation of metering solutions.

Integration of other systems into your BMS.



New Installations

We work closely with M & E consultants and M & E contractors to design, supply, install and commission Building Management Systems (BMS) that take advantage of the latest technology to implement the most effective solution to any application.

Controls Upgrades

We can upgrade existing control systems to the latest digital controllers by removing the old controllers and replacing them with new ones. Usually there is no need to replace the control panels, field wiring or even control devices such as automatic valves and sensors.

Service and Maintenance

Entering into a service agreement for your controls system has many benefits.

It ensures your building is running efficiently and cost effectively.

Regular service visits will identify any defects with your controls system and your building M & E systems.


It is possible to integrate with numerous other systems and include them within your BMS. These include home automation systems, lighting controls and energy monitoring systems.


Understanding where energy is consumed is the first step towards making savings. Monitoring of electricity, fuel and water usage can easily be integrated into your BMS.